Oil-producing solar thermal plant in Oman nears construction start




The 1GW solar-thermal project will turn water into steam for injection into the Amal oilfield. GlassPoint Solar Inc will begin work on one of the worlds largest solar parks, coming up in Oman, this month, with comp




Low Iron Glass for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Market at $355 Million Is Expected to Reach $11.3 Billion by 2020




Costs of electricity from CSP plants at US $ 0.15-0.24/kWh will decline to $.03 and lower by 2017 as the effect of the 35 year life span of the plant is factored into cost analysis.




Africa can quadruple share of renewable energy by 2030




Solar energy could reach 70 GW, including concentrated solar power (CSP) plants that will have a huge role specifically in North Africa.




Storage will shape the future of concentrated solar power




The biggest challenge U.S. CSP has, even with storage, is price," explained SolarReserve CEO Kevin Smith.




Safts Tadiran Batteries to Power BrightSources Innovative Solar Field Technology for Concentrated Solar Power




Contract to supply more than 50,000 rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs to power BrightSources devices for 121 MW Ashalim Thermal Solar Power Station in Israel.




Concentrated solar power (CSP) plays a key role in the US Energy Departments all-of-the-above energy strategy




The CSP: APOLLO funding program furthers CSP system technologies through transformative projects that target all of the components of a CSP plant.




China eyes huge Concentrated Solar Power project




China is planning a series of solar-thermal power pilot projects to help develop the technology.




OPIC to finance Redstone Concentrated Solar Power project in South Africa




The US Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) board approved up to $400m in financing for the 100 MW Redstone concentrated solar power plant in Northern Cape, South Africa.




Maghreb Steel supplies steel structures to Noor-1 Concentrated Solar Power project




Maghreb Steel supplies steel structures for 160 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant Noor-1 developed by a consortium led by the Saudi group ACWA Power.




U.S. Department of Energy and Southern Research Sign $3 Million Agreement to Demonstrate a High-Temperature Solar Energy Storage System




As announced today by the White House, Southern Research has signed a jointly funded cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy.




ASU researchers commit to a brighter energy future in Ethiopia




AORAs solar-hybrid technology is uniquely suited for off-grid locations in Africa, a region blessed with great solar resources.




CGNPCs 50 MW Delingha Concentrated Solar Power trough project




The project covers an area of about 2.5 km2, north-south, low-lying high, with a south to north natural slope of about 3% ~ 4%.




Concentrated solar power a better alternative for Africa




Concentrated solar power (CSP) may be a better alternative, as it is particularly suited to sunbelt countries.




SolarReserve Receives Award From U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative to Develop Advanced Design Concentrated Solar Technology




SolarReserve will co-fund the solar technology advancements along with $2.4 million in funding from the Energy Department, and will work with the University of California, San Diego and Trex Enterprises Advanced Material




Interview with Tom Georgis, Senior Vice President of SolarReserve




SolarReserve is committed to globalizing the industry pioneers world-class molten salt storage tower CSP technology to mass commercialization.




California firm creates new solar thermal market and IoT Heliostat




"We're not a PV company," explains founder Karl von Kries. "We don't make electricity. Instead, we use concentrated solar heat to replace fossil fuels in industry."




$32 Million for Fourteen Projects to Break through Concentrating Solar Power Cost Barriers




Concentrating solar power (CSP) plays a key role in the Energy Departments all-of-the-above energy strategy because it can store the suns energy for use when the sun is not shining.




SunShot project to enhance the efficiency of concentrated solar power technology




Vice President Joe Biden is announcing that Purdue University has received an advanced U.S. Department of Energy research award to improve concentrated solar power (CSP) technology.




Concentrated Solar Power allows Morocco, Egypt and S. Arabia to ascend in E&Y renewables index




Morocco is the most attractive market in MENA, with several large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) and CSP projects have already entered the construction phase.




Ain Beni Mathar: a unique Concentrated Solar Power plant in Morocco




With over 300 days of sunshine per year, Ain Beni Mathar in Morocco, near the border with Algeria, was the perfect site to build a thermal and solar hybrid plant.




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