Concentrated Solar Power and Birds




Far from the “28,000 fried birds!!” touted by desert solar opponents, the Ivanpah solar power tower project yielded only 695 actual avian detections in its first year of operations.




Masdar opens solar power hub to boost R&D in renewables




The new hub aims to support Abu Dhabi’s efforts to achieve its ambitions for solar energy development through solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and thermal energy storage technologies.




Peugeot selects Gemasolar Concentrated Solar Power plant as backdrop for new 308 R Hybrid ad campaign




The Gemasolar Concentrated Solar Power plant, owned by Torresol Energy and designed and build by SENER, is chosen once again as the backdrop for an ad campaign.




Acciona considers listing renewable energy business in Europe




Acciona Energia Internacional has a net generating capacity of around 2,200 megawatts in wind energy, photovoltaic and Concentrated Solar Power plants in 11 countries including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australi




South Africa to bid 1800 MW among unsuccessful bidders from Windows 1 to 4




It is expected that the financial close for Window 4 projects will occur at the end of this year, with commercial operations starting from November 2016.




Concentrated solar power (CSP) industry in South Africa has called for clarity on connection to the power grid




The concentrated solar power (CSP) industry in South Africa has called for clarity on connection to the power grid, as well as certainty about timeframes.




SENER and ACCIONA to build the Kathu Concentrated Solar Power complex in South Africa for more than EUR 500 million




SENER and ACCIONA together form the consortium chosen to develop the turnkey project of the Kathu Concentrated Solar Power plant.




The Committee on the Environment and Climate Change of the Spanish Senate visits SENER




SENER's facilities in Madrid (Spain) will be visited on April 14 by the Committee on Environment and Climate Change of the Spanish Senate, led by its President, María Jesús Ruiz Ruiz.




Mott MacDonald: Sub-Saharan Africa’s first Concentrated Solar Power plant becomes operational in South Africa




KaXu Solar One concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Pofadder, South Africa has become the first in Sub-Saharan Africa to enter operation.




First Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) heliostat field in Saudi Arabia




Solar Tower Technologies is a technology company providing products, systems and solutions for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants based on tower plants, particularly heliostat fields and receivers.




Port Augusta Concentrated Solar Power promises better health




South Australia's peak environment group says the need for solar thermal power in Port Augusta is an urgent health issue, as well as having climate change implications.




Oman’s 200MW solar energy project, PV and Concentrated Solar Power, set for launch




The Independent Power Project (IPP) is based on a combination of photovoltaic and concentrated solar power technologies.




Increasing Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) competitiveness in South Africa




While South Africa makes evident steps towards increasing concentrated solar power (CSP) competitiveness, repetition of inflexible project parameters may hinder cost reduction in reality.




U.S.: 6,967 MW of photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP)




In 2010, the solar power installed in the United States was less than 1,000 megawatts (MW), while in 2014 it has almost grown by seven times to 6,967 MW.




California leads U.S. in solar energy installations, PV and Concentrated Solar Power




California became the first state to generate more than 5% of its electricity from utility solar power, according a new report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).




India's NTPC calls tender for Concentrated Solar Power plant near Dadri TPP




The job involves the design, engineering, manufacture, installation, testing and commissioning of the Concentrated Solar Power plant.




It is time for Africa to tap the solar power




Direct Solar Irradiance, the DNI is used to assess a region’s potential for generating energy through photovoltaics or concentrated solar power (CSP).




Atacama 1 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) recognized by the Inter-American Development Bank




The Atacama 1 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant, which Abengoa is constructing in Chile, has been recognized by the Infrastructure 360° Awards for its contribution to clean power generation.




Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas emerges as a key player in the development of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology in China




Delingha Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant will have a very positive economic impact in the area.




Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) industry in South Africa




Last year saw important developments in the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) industry in South Africa.




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