South Africa's Bokpoort Concentrated Solar Power plant to help ease load shedding




The Concentrated Solar Power plant which is set to release 50 MW into South Africa's power grid by December is situated in Bokspoort in the Northern Cape.




Sandia lab starts testing of better storage tech for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)




Testing heats up at Sandia’s Concentrated Solar Power Tower with high temperature falling particle receiver.




New Energy Storage Technology (Nest) is testing its 1-megawatt concentrated solar power (CSP) system




New Energy Storage Technology (Nest) is testing its 1-megawatt concentrated solar power (CSP) system at the Masdar Institute’s Beam Down facility.




The future of Concentrated Solar Power in China




China-U.S. collaboration on solar thermal power generation, also known as Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), has been underway for some time.




Ivanpah Concentrated Solar Power Production Up 170% in 2015, An Open Letter to the Wall Street Journal




The Wall Street Journal has returned attention to the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, the $2.2 billion Department of Energy-backed concentrated solar power plant.




Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in 2014 grew 27% to 4.4 GW




Costs are declining, a large variety of technologies are under development, and thermal energy storage (TES) is becoming increasingly important




ENGIE acquires majority stake in Solairedirect




One key project is the construction of the 100 MW concentrated solar power plant at Kathu in South Africa.




Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) generated 3.8% of electricity in Spain in june




Renewable energy generates 32% in Spain: 14.1% wind energy, 3,8% concentrated solar power and 4,1% photovoltaic.




Using Concentrated Solar Power to melt aluminium




South Africa has plentiful solar energy and, at the same time, possesses a large aluminium processing industry.




Cornerstone Laid At Ashalim Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant In Israel




Megalim Solar Power Ltd. has hosted a cornerstone ceremony for its 121 MW Ashalim Plot B concentrated solar power (CSP) project in Israel's Negev Desert.




SUNCNIM the new player in concentrated solar power




The SPI Fund is pleased to be making this investment alongside CNIM, a respected industrial player.




Industrial Solar signed exclusive cooperation agreement with Royal Tech CSP for the market entry of solar process heat in China




Industrial Solar GmbH is cooperating in the growing market for solar process heat in China with Royal Tech CSP.




Solana Concentrated Solar Power Plant's Weak Output Will Improve




The Solana Concentrated Solar Power plant near Gila Bend has turned in a weak performance in its first year-and-a-half in operation, but officials say it's about to show a dramatic improvement.




Northern Cape Concentrated Solar Power storage plant to be world’s largest




The largest storage facility of concentrated solar power in the world is currently being built in South Africa.




Elecnor plans 105 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant in Chile




The Camarones concentrated solar power (CSP) project consists in a solar power tower with a 220-kV grid connection, to be built with a total investment of USD 800 million (EUR 706.1m).




Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) capacity increased 27 per cent to 4.4 GW




Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) capacity increased 27 per cent to 4.4GW. Although only the US and India added CSP plants in 2014, Spain remains the global leader with 2.3GW of capacity.




EnviroMission nears financial close on first Concentrated Solar Power plant in India




EnviroMission said Friday the development funds for a concentrated solar power (CSP) tower in India have been secured and are pending release by an unnamed international bank.




Why You Should Be Paying Attention To Concentrated Solar Power




The International Energy Agency (IEA) says CSP has a very bright future too because it enables cheap, efficient storage, which allows CSP plants to provide electricity long after the sun has set.




2014 was the largest year ever for concentrated solar power with 767 MW in United States




The next notable concentrated solar power (CSP) project slated for completion is SolarReserve’s 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes project.




Bokpoort concentrated solar power (CSP) plant project, South Africa




The Bokpoort concentrated solar power (CSP) facility comprises a solar field, a power block, a thermal-energy storage system and related infrastructure.




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