Concentrated Solar Power Road Map and the establishment of commercial CSP plants in Namibia




The objective of procuring solar resource data is to serve the development of a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) road map in Namibia.




Ingeteam awarded contract for a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant in China




This power plant is the China’s first commercial scale concentrated solar power (CSP) project, with high annual capacity factor and particular environmental conditions.




Shams 1, Largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Project In Middle East, Performing Better Than Expected




The largest concentrated solar power project in the Middle East, Shams 1, has performed better than expected, the Shams Power Company has reported.




Governance of Risks in Financing Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Investments in North Africa




To transform the global energy system, substantial investments will be needed and private participation will very likely be required to achieve the scale of new investment.




Abengoa Yield celebrates grand opening of Mojave concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in California




Construction of Mojave concentrated solar power (CSP) has generated thousands of jobs in the United States.




The impacts of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) on the local environment




Construction of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants – electricity generation which concentrates sunlight to generate heat – can have a range of negative effects on wildlife, but these effects are short lived




Abengoa celebrates start of construction for its photovoltaic plant in Atacama 1




Atacama 1 solar complex, with an overall installed capacity of 210 MW, will include the first solar thermal plant in Latin America and a photovoltaic plant.




Abengoa has big plans for Concentrated Solar Power towers in desert




Palen Concentrated Solar Power project is on hold, but its Spanish developer is powering ahead with plans to build massive solar towers across the Southwest.




Removing the myth of fouling in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) steam generator design




In a CSP context, fouling can be the result of overheating the heat transfer fluid in the solar field due to incorrect operational arrangements.




South Africa achieves its first Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant fuelled 100% by the sun




The Redstone Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project marks important technology advancement for South Africa in solar power.




Saudi Arabia postpones 41-GW solar energy (PV and Concentrated Solar Power) goal to 2040




Saudi Arabia will be able to commission the planned of 41 GW solar power capacity (25 GW of concencrated solar power) no earlier than 2040.




ACS to sell 51% of renewables yieldco unit Saeta Yield




It includes 16 wind farms with a combined capacity of 539 MW and three concentrated solar power (CSP) plants totalling 150 MW.




ACWA and SENER wins the contract for Noor 2 and Noor 3 of the Ouarzazate Concentrated Solar Power Complex in Morocco




The engineering and technology group SENER is involved in the consortium that was awarded the contract for construction of the concentrated solar power (CSP) plants Noor 2 and Noor 3.




SolarReserve wants to install 800 MW of solar energy in Chile, photovoltaic and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)




US concentrated solar power SolarReserve wants to install 800 MW of solar energy with energy storage technology in Chile in the next years.




Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Mojave 280 MW declares commercial operation




Located 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles, Mojave Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) generates clean electricity to power approximately 90,000 households in California.




South Africa awards SolarReserve group 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project




South Africa’s government has awarded a consortium led by SolarReserve a 100MW concentrated solar power (CSP) project that will include molten salt energy storage technology in a tower configuration.




GE Integrates Concentrated Solar Power with Combined Cycle in Saudi Arabia




Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has selected GE for a project that marks Saudi Arabia's first integration of a Concentrated Solar Power with a combined-cycle plant and the first introduction of condensate as a gas turbin




GDF SUEZ 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project in South Africa awarded Preferred Bidder




Kathu Solar Park is a 100 MW greenfield Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project with parabolic trough technology and equipped with a molten salt storage system.




Five New Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plants to Power America with Solar Energy




Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is increasingly providing clean, sustainable energy for U.S. nation’s homes, businesses and industries.




Concentrated Solar Power Abengoa announces the pricing of the secondary public offering of its shares of Abengoa Yield




Citigroup and BofA Merrill Lynch are acting as global coordinators of the Offering. HSBC and Banco Santander are acting as joint bookrunners.




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