Morocco’s MASEN Concludes Integrated Partnership on Concentrated Solar Power Technology




These agreements concern MASEN’s strategic acquisition of 50%, alongside Alcen group, in the Alsolen company, which is active in solar thermal technology.




Abengoa to sell 100 MW of Concentrated Solar Power plants to yieldco




Abengoa says sells its fourth packet of assets, consisting of two concentrated solar power plants in Spain, to its Abengoa Yield affiliate for 277 million euros.




Italian Concentrated Solar Power fresnel plant in the agrobusiness




CSP-F is an Italian company belonging to the Fabbrica Energie Rinnovabili Alternative Group, which has been setting up plants for the production and sale of renewable energy since 2001




Concentrated Solar Power promotes social development in Morocco




Solar thermal power plants (CSP, concentrated solar power) in North Africa not only supply renewable energy to meet the growing electricity demand, they can also promote regional development.




China's largest concentrated solar power tower plant starts construction with 200 MW




Construction has begun on China's largest concentrated solar power tower plant in the northwestern province of Qinghai.




Abengoa and Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy close project financing for Ashalim, a 110 MW concentrated solar power plant in Israel




Ashalim will be the largest concentrated solar thermal power plant in Israel.




European concentrated solar power (CSP) capacity remained stable in 2014




Projects worth more than EUR 1 billion are expected in Italy, and France’s projects stuck in a waiting game.




Masdar’s solar energy hub launched at US event




Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company Masdar has announced the international launch of its solar hub at Intersolar North America.




Oman to Build Concentrated Solar Power Plant to Extract Oil




One gigawatt concentrating solar thermal project for oil production establishes oil industry as the next major market for solar energy.




Two Giant Israeli Concentrated Solar Power Plants Will Soon Provide Nearly 2 Percent Of The Country’s Electricity




On Sunday, Israel inked a $1 billion deal to build what will become the second 121-megawatt concentrated solar power plant under construction on a swath of country’s southern Negev desert.




Concentrated solar power (CSP) holds promise for safe, clean energy




CSP, or concentrated solar power, enjoys a lot of unique advantages over photovoltaics (PV).




Cornerstone Laid at Israel’s Ashalim Concentrated Solar Power plant




Megalim Solar Power hosted a Cornerstone Ceremony in Israel to celebrate progress on the Ashalim concentrated solar power project, one of the largest of its kind in the world.




Israel to build Concentrated Solar Power plant in Negev desert




Israel signed a deal to build a 4 billion shekel ($1.05 billion) Concentrated Solar Power plant in the country's south




California's First Concentrated Solar Power Desalination Plant to Bring Freshwater to the Central Valley




The HydroRevolutionSM plant will be an expansion of the demonstration plant operated by WaterFX™ in the Panoche District in 2013.




Variable solar power from North Africa provides the basis for a sustainable business model




Transferring power from Africa to Europe via a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line could be a sustainable business model with added value for both regions.




Concentrated Solar Power pre-feasibility study now being finalised at Port Augusta




It is encouraging that Alinta, with financial support from ARENA and the SA Government, is currently finalising a pre-feasibility study into concentrated solar thermal power at Port Augusta.




Concentrated Solar Power could provide 10% of South Africa’s power if grid links improved




Concentrated Solar Power has the potential to produce 10% of South Africa’s electricity requirements.




Israel’s 121 MW Ashalim Plot B Concentrated Solar Power plant set for 50% expansion




Israel’s Ashalim projects are set to dominate the country’s Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) landscape.




EU Concentrated Solar Power capacity unchanged at 2.3 GW in 2014




The European concentrated solar power (CSP) capacity remained stable in 2014 and will probably post a negligible increase in 2015.




Oman to build 1 GW solar energy plant (Concentrated Solar Power) to aid oil extraction




Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) would build the Middle East's largest solar power plant in a $600 million deal with California's GlassPoint Solar to reduce pressure on its natural gas reserves.




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