Concentrated Solar Power ‘Black Hole’ Material Unveiled




The team were challenged as part of the U.S. government’s SunShot program to increase the efficiency of large-scale concentrated solar power (CSP) technology.




South Africa pushing ahead with carbon tax




Eskom, through its renewable programme, supports the development of the utility's first large-scale wind and concentrated solar power (CSP) plants.




Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Future Looks Brighter




A team of researchers at the University of California at San Diego developed the silicon boride-coated nanoshell material that can be used in concentrated solar power (CSP) plants.




New solar power nanotechnology material converts 90 percent of captured light into heat




One of the most common types of CSP systems uses more than 100,000 reflective mirrors to aim sunlight at a tower that has been spray painted with a light absorbing black paint material.




SCHOTT Completes Delivery for Bokpoort Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Project in South Africa




The SCHOTT group has supplied approximately 26,000 of its SCHOTT PTR® 70 receivers to the Bokpoort Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project in South Africa.




SolarReserve advances leadership in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with technology acquisition




SolarReserve, a leading global developer of solar power projects and advanced solar thermal technology, announced its acquisition of Aerojet Rocketdyne's Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) business.




Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in China expected to boom




Though the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) generation industry has been developing in China for ten years, it has not made substantial progress yet.




Abengoa is proposing a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant outside Mexicali, Baja California




Abengoa is proposing a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant outside Mexicali, Baja California’s capital.




U.S. Concentrated Solar Power Launches Lobbying Effort as Tax Deadline Prompts Canceled Projects




The larger and more complex concentrated solar projects often require longer lead times, casting uncertainty it automatically drops to 10 percent after Dec., 31, 2016.




Some facts about Ivanpah Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)




Ivanpah, the world's largest power tower Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) project, seems to attract a lot of controversy.




Oil-rich Saudi Arabia must invest in solar energy, Concentrated Solar Power and PV




The conference was told that Saudi Arabia plans to invest US$109 billion to produce 41 GW of solar energy by 2032 (25 GW CSP) to cover 30% of its needs.




Finalists for the CSP Today International Awards are announced




The CSP Today International Awards celebrate the achievements of the leading companies and individuals in the industry.




Concentrated solar power (CSP) with storage could fill the gaps in intermittent renewable generation




Concentrated solar power with storage could fill the gaps in intermittent renewable generation, limiting the need for carbon-emitting natural gas plants.




Concentrated solar power (CSP) contribution to the mitigation of CO2 emissions in power generation




In this paper, we first proceed to develop the mathematical tools for the calculation of CO2 emissions abatement (annual and total) due to the installation of concentrating solar power (CSP) plants.




Saudi Arabia's ACWA Power shifts toward Concentrated Solar Power




In Morocco, it recently proposed the lowest tariff to build the Noor II and Noor III Concentrated Solar Power projects.




Concentrated Solar Power QATRO, finalist in the CSP TODAY SEVILLE 2014 awards




QATRO : one year of the establishment of its subsidiary in South Africa, finalist in the CSP TODAY SEVILLE 2014 awards.




Cascades, the Québec government and Rackam inaugurate a major Concentrated Solar Power park in Kingsey Falls




Cascades and Rackam started work on the ground-level facility in June, installing a powerful concentrated solar power (CSP) system.




TuNur Concentrated Solar Power project aims to bring two gigawatts of solar power to the UK from Tunisia




The TuNur project aims to bring two gigawatts of concentrated solar power to the UK from Tunisia if the company wins a contract for difference (CFD) from the British government.




Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants offer a high degree of security of supply




The Dii (Desertec Industrial Initiative) has been dissolved in its current form, and will now only continue to exist as a consultancy firm.




Italy: the next Concentrated Solar Power hotspot?




Italy could potentially have a booming Concentrated Solar Power market, thanks to high DNI levels in the southern parts of the country and in the main islands of Sardinia and Sicily.




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